There are many events that our club participates in throughout the year, organized by kendo clubs across Scotland, UK, Europe and the world. Here is a list of events with the name of the responsible club member. New events will be added based on club members’ interest. If you have any questions about specific event, please contact the one responsible.

Event Where Date Responsible
Aberdeen Taikai & Grading Aberdeen February 16-17 Mikko
Iijima Cup Amsterdam February 24-25
Tashiro Seminar Glasgow February 24-25
UK University Taikai Glasgow March 3-4
Northern Seminar & Grading Glasgow (?) March 17-18 (?)
Scottish University Taikai Aberdeen April 7  Scott
Shiraoka Cup North Lanarkshire April 21-22
The London Cup London May 5-6
Ozawa Seminar Edinburgh June 30
Edinburgh Seminar Edinburgh July 28-29
The Thistle Cup Aberdeen September 8 Taz